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Our nursing department is staffed 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

We provide outpatient, emergency, observation, and inpatient care. The nurse to patient ratio is kept low to ensure the staff can provide the quality of nursing care each patient needs. We have nurses skilled in emergency and acute care. We are currently working to meet benchmark standards in medication safety, fall prevention, acute myocardial infarction care, pneumonia care, and congestive heart failure care. The nursing department strives to go the extra mile in providing care to return patients to their optimum level of health.

Providing the Highest Quality Patient Care for Adults and Children

Caldwell Regional Medical Center practices total patient care to foster a close rapport between nurses, patients, families and physicians, as well as other members of the healthcare team. Our highly trained nurses communicate with your physician and provide compassionate care to our patients. From a caring voice and an extra warm blanket, to a late night snack and friendly smile, our nurses make the difference.

Our caring nurses are specialty trained in surgical care, wound care, general medical outpatient treatment including infusion therapy. Our attentive nurses will take good care of your little ones while they are at CRMC in addition to planning and providing care for each child, the nurses fill many roles, such as patient advocate and teacher.


Patients are admitted to the hospital for numerous diagnosis’ and will receive care from highly qualified registered nurses and certified nurses aides.


At CRMC, Intermediate Care , our goal is to provide a caring and safe environment for all residents. This program is based on space availability and is a short term goal (up to 14 days) to assist with families and their love one while making long term plans, or going on vacation or just a peace of mind, that their loved one being taken care of. This is a private pay service.


At CRMC, patients do not have to have to be physically moved to a different room or unit when they are transferred from acute bed status to skilled bed status. For our patients’ convenience, they remain in their own rooms if their status changes. We found that changing patients to “skilled” status and allowing patients to stay in the same room provides may benefits including:

  • More time to recover following an illness or surgery
  • Less expensive care than an acute hospitalization
  • Helps to keep patients oriented to surroundings and staff
  • Reduces the possibility of lost items
  • Reduces relocation confusion for friends and family

As Patients progress, one factor that always remains constant is the devoted attention of our highly skilled nursing staff

Contact the Skilled Nursing Department or Swingbed coordinator at 620-845-6492.


CRMC currently resides 6 residents who live at a designated area of the hospital in an “apartment like” setting. They receive nursing aide care for personal needs, medication monitoring, enjoy meals provided and activities offered. This is a private pay service.

Application of admission to the CRMC unit should be made to the Director of Nursing or their designee, and arrangements will be made to meet with the patient and/or family members prior to the patient’s admission. A waiting list is kept by the Administrator, and applicants will be accepted based on assessment by the Medical Review committee.